Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Make It Real

Hello everyone, I'm a bit sad and disappointed in the result of my First Template Challenge. There are only 4 participants in my challenge, but I'm not mad and will always give and create wonderful freebies for you. I just thought that you are busy too just like me, but hope to see good result if i will do another challenge. I decided to give my new kit to 4 of them as gift in participating in my challenge.

Done with drama! lol! here is my new kit in Do it Digi, the kits is called "You make It Real". Take a good look at the kit. It also has a Album and Alpha.

Click here to go to my Store @ Do It Digi


  1. I wish I could have participated in the template challenge! I wasn't around the past couple of weeks due to a death in the family and then Easter. I hope you will consider doing another one so I can participate! :-)


  2. Hi Nathan

    Please don't be disappointed. I want to join the template challenge, but I am really busy during the past week. I will try to join if there is a next challenge. Just want to let you know your designs are really awesome!

  3. don't get discouraged Nathan..your next one should have more participants...I love challenges and thanks for letting me play..your kits are awesome and so are your templates

  4. thanks so much for the gift..it's an awesome kit ..love the colors

  5. Pretty kit! I don't get to read the blogs I like every day, so it's sometimes a few weeks between reading the same ones. Sorry your challenge didn't got the way you'd hoped, but don't get discouraged! You're a very talented designer- it just takes time to amass a following! Keep up the good work!