Friday, April 2, 2010

Find my Hidden Prize!

Hi Everyone! In celebrating the upcoming Easter, I decided to make a little game that everyone of you can join. The name of the game is "Find my Hidden Prize".

All you have to do is to browse my blog (present and previous post, comments, links, photos and etc...), it's like egg hunting but the prize is not in Easter Theme, I just get the idea of "hunting".☺ lol!

Clue: "If you didn't see me here before, you might wanna check me now!" That's it...

If you find my hidden prize, post your comment here with the statement "Yes, I Found You"...
You may also ask questions, but post them on my ChatBox...

Hope you like my little game and I hope you also love the Prize... Happy Hunting!
Hunt ends on April 6.


  1. "Yes, I Found You"...
    Appears you have a new slide show of your kits.

  2. Another Blog you have is named "You Found Me" Is that what you mean?

  3. Think i found you .. you've got a blog called You Found Me :D

  4. I found you!

    Love your work, thanks for sharing

  5. I have found it. Thank you so much!!!