Sunday, February 28, 2010

Previous Freebie Update

Hey guys, as you all know that when a new freebie kit starts, my previous freebie will no longer be available, just like Moody Blue and Citrus Life. And also, I don't have a shop yet...

That's why if any of you is interested to buy my previous kit, just e-mail me at, and will just make an agreement.

In addition, anyone who will buy my previous kit, will get a exclusive add-on for free which compliment with that kit, but you can also buy that add-on separately, if you already have the full kit.

Here is a preview of Add-On's of my previous kits....

Rainbow Collection (Red)

Hey guys, the wait is over- for now, Rainbow Collection (Red) is now here to download...☺ Hope you will like it and hope you will enjoy...

Click the preview to download...☺

Note that Citrus Life now is not a freebie anymore. E-mail me if you are interested with it...♥♥♥

Inspire Me Vol. 2

Another freebie template for you guys... Hope you like it ...

and don't forget to leave some love...♥

Some Layouts (Citrus Life)

Here are some layouts send to me using my kit Citrus Life...
Thank for those you send me their layouts... I really appreciate them ... and thank you also for your wonderful comments... ♥♥♥

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey, feel free to send a layout using my kit "Citrus Life". I would really love if you respond ♥♥♥

Inspire Me Vol. 1

Just a quick freebie for you guys, this is my first template freebie for you and i hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to send some layout using this template and kits I've made, like the sample on the preview, i use the kit "Moody Blues". Just send to my e-mail (

Click the preview to download the template.

Rainbow Collection Mega Kit

Hey guys, just want to show my next freebie kit starting this coming Sunday. This Mega Kit is called "Rainbow Collection", it will be in 7 parts. Colors are in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Pink. Each part will contains 3 papers and 6 elements, and all in all it contains 21 papers and 42 elements. Look how "mega" the kit was! lol! ☺ ... I hope you will like it!!!

Be back on Sunday to start collecting... ☺☺☺
God Bless and Keep Safe! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

☺ Sneak Peak ☺

Here is a sneak peak for my next freebie kit. This is a Mega Kits and I'm sure you will love it! ☺

Citrus Life [Last 2 Part]

Hey guys, just to let you know that i will be busy for the next few days so, I'm giving away the last 2 part of my kit "Citrus Life", for you not to wait! ahaha! =)

Click the here to download the element part2 and here to download the alpha or click the previews. Enjoy!!! ♥♥♥

Don't forget to leave some love! and you can send me your layout! [] ahaha!!! =) ♥♥♥

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Citrus Life QP Freebie

Hey guys, another freebie from my kit "Citrus Life". A simple Quick Page for you. For those who want a speed scrap, this is a big help. Hope you like it!! =) ♥♥♥ Click the preview to download.

and don't forget to leave some love and compliments! ahahah! =)
Be back soon for the part 2 of the elements of "Citrus Life"...

God Bless and Keep Safe ... XOXO ♥♥♥

Citrus Life Elements (Part 1)

Sorry guys, I'm late for the first part of elements of "Citrus Life". I've been busy yesterday in school and in my life. Yesterday is the first day of our SportsFest in school so, I have to be at school for the whole day.

Anyway, back to our freebie, here is the first part of the elements of "Citrus Life". Click the preview to download. Enjoy!! =)

And don't forget to leave some compliments! LOL! =) ♥♥♥

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Citrus Life Part 1

Hey Everyone, "Citrus Life" is now here. It contains 8 papers and 24 elements in bright colors. This kit is also one of my favorite, i love the bright orange and the apple green one. Hope you will like it too.

Here is the full preview of the kit "Citrus Life".

Today you will get the papers, then be back soon for the elements. Enjoy! Don't forget to leave some compliments!!! ♥♥♥ =)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CU Strings

Hey guys, here is another Commercial use freebie for you all... It contains 1 string in 8 different colors. Hope you like it!...

Sorry, link expired!
And don't forget to leave some love! ♥♥♥ =)

Some Layouts (Moody Blues)

Here are some of the layout send to me using my kit "Moody Blues" ...

Thanks for those who send their layouts with me. You can always send your layout with me and i will post it here. send them @ =)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Citrus Life

Hey guys, just want to show the next freebie kit i will giving away next week... Hope you like it...

Don't forget to leave some comments!! =)Nathan

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CU Color Overlays

Hey guys, i have another freebie for you all.

One of my blog reader Stormy ask if how did i get the texture in my kit "Moody Blues" paper 10. A simple color overlay is used for that paper, and here is a set of overlays for you all that you can commercially use for your projects.
Just put the overlay over the paper then change the blending mode of the overlay to "Soft Light" then adjust the opacity. Enjoy! =)

Click on the preview to download the overlays... Stormy and to All, Hope you will like it!!! =)

Sorry, this freebie is already expired!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moody Blues Element Part 2 (Last Part)

Again, thanks for all the good comments... I appreciate all of that ...

I hope that you are enjoying collecting my "Moody Blues". I will very pleased if you send me your work so that i will post it here. I will wait for that!. =)

Finally, the last part of my kit "Moody Blues". Click the preview to download.

BTW... did you see my advance sneak peak? I think you will love that kit... be back next week to start collecting.
But, take note that the kit "Moody Blues" will no longer be a freebie when the next freebie kit is posted.

As you all know that i don't have a shop yet, so I can not yet sell my products. So, if anyone is interested of buying my kits/products, please e-mail me at and we will make an agreement . Thanks! =) ... Enjoy my kits....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Blinkie...

I already made my blinkie, Yahoo! LOL! - it's not to good but i'm satisfied with it.
You can put it on your blog for easy access in my blog... Thanks in advance .

Hope you like it to... just let me know! =)

Advance Freebie Sneak Peak

Hi guys, even though my first freebie kit is not finish yet, i just want to show a little sneak peak about my next freebie kit. Can't wait to give it out!...

God Bless and Keep Safe... =)

Moody Blues Elements Part 1

Hey Everyone, thank you very much for all your beautiful and wonderful comments! I'm very inspired to do more great designs for you all.

I would also like to thank Vicki and to others who also post my freebie in thier blog.

Thanks to all!!!

And back to our freebie, here is the part 1 of the elements in my kit "Moody Blues". Click the preview to download.

Be back soon for the part 2 of the elements!

God Bless and Keep Safe... Enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My First Freebie Kit!

Hi Everyone, today i will be posting my first freebie kit i will offer to you. This kit contains 10 papers and 24 elements. The swatches that I've used is one of my favorite color combination.

Sorry guys, I have no blinkie yet, but I will be making mine one of this days.

So, here is the full preview of my kit called "Moody Blues". Click the paper preview to get my papers then be back soon to get the elements!

Hope you like it!

I would love to see your pages. just send me your layout in this e-mail -Thanks in advance!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hi everyone, this is my very first post and this is my first time to have and make a blog.

I hope you will enjoy viewing and reading my blog, i will sure you that you will have a great time after visiting this blog oftenly.

I make this blog for me to express my digital scrapbooking skills with you guys, I've been scrapping since 2008 but i could not make a blog because of some reasons. But now that i have a chance and with a little compliment with Vicki, I finally decided to start blogging.

So, hope you will stay in touch with my blog and i will post my kits soon.

God Bless and Keep Safe =)