Sunday, February 28, 2010

Previous Freebie Update

Hey guys, as you all know that when a new freebie kit starts, my previous freebie will no longer be available, just like Moody Blue and Citrus Life. And also, I don't have a shop yet...

That's why if any of you is interested to buy my previous kit, just e-mail me at, and will just make an agreement.

In addition, anyone who will buy my previous kit, will get a exclusive add-on for free which compliment with that kit, but you can also buy that add-on separately, if you already have the full kit.

Here is a preview of Add-On's of my previous kits....

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nathan, just ignore the comment which I left with part 2 and the elements of citrus life. I didn't realise that one kit was unavailable as soon as another was released. I thought each part was up for a week. Sorry about that.

    Thanks so much for the first part to your rainbow collection. Hopefully I will be around to collect all of this one as I really love your designs. Cheers, Keryn