Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do It Digi

Hello Everyone, just wanted to let you know that Do It Digi (Digital Scrapbooking Store), invited me to be a guest in their store, and after a long agreement, and also I can't disagree,lol!☺, I accept their invitation.

We make some agreement, in terms of payments, as you all know that I don't have any account on Money Transfer or some Payment method sites like PayPal so we talk about all the requirement then agree in one solution..

I will be making some Digital Scrapbooking Kits, but this time it will not be for Freebie. Hope you will support me for this one as you supported me in my Freebies...☺, ahahah!

It will also help me to support my passion in Digital Scrapbooking, for me to buy some Cu products for my Kits... For me to make more Freebies and Kits....

I think i will start my guesting on the 26th of March, and also on the 26th, Calm Afternoon will expire so collect it as soon as you can..♥ Thanks in advance!☺ ...♥♥♥


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad you got the money thing figured out.

  2. Congratulations Nathan, this is wonderful news and I hope that you do well in your new venture. Love and Hugs as always. Patsy

  3. Congratulation! I wish you the best! :)

  4. Wow - congratulations Nathan - what wonderful news!

  5. Congratulations Nathan! That is great news. You are on a new adventure. I wish you the best of luck.